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You are on the website dedicated to one of my personal hobbies - and collecting hockey cards. It is a hobby, which is closely linked with an interest in what happens in the NHL. I am a collector myself, with minor interruptions since 1994, when the outbreak can say "collecting mania. Of course at that time I viewed quite differently collection cards. Then carry the card "shot-bag", changed with the friends at school and now have high-quality card collectors preserve so. magnetic holder (protective boxes) and place of exchange / sale / purchase becomes internet. Worldwide purchase and sale of the cards on auction marketplace where you can buy almost anything and really a good price, just need to be patient. For a "home" Czecho - Slovak Collecting can be a forum that is not the only project of integration of active collectors - members of one common place, but not least is the point of exchanging information on current events in the world of hockey cards.
Objective of the Project
The site is a renewal and continuation of the previous site, which was then placed on the date a complete private collection. Because of time constraints can not be placed here and scan the entire collection, you can find a fraction collection. It can be said that the role of the web is largely due to spread awareness of the hobby among unrelated people and show them the beauty and charm to carry the hobby brings.
Focus of my private Collection
In today's good for the season when the issue extremely large number of series, at great expense to cover their collecting focus several different collections. In essence, this can be, but the end result is not very interesting when the collector is collecting examples of five players to do a few sets, then hardly seems a collection of something special.
For me the first place is a former American great goalie John Vanbiesbrouck. As he now does not come as much of the new cards and wanted to stay in contact with newly produced cards, I have gained "Beezrovi" a collection of goalies who ever elements then picked up and caught a team Florida Panthers. And perhaps as any collector, occasionally i collect complete the set. Finally I decided to start collecting the cards of the former Canadian goalkeeper - Kelly Hrudey.
I hope that you and I believe this simple and clear website will like it and you'll be happy to return here! So enjoy it now! .-)
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 All scans of  hockey cards are from my private collection. They are not taken from other sites. We reserve the right, against the proliferation of content from this site without autor written permission site.